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Spiritual Direction?

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"W+hat's Spiritual Direction?"

And Other Common Questions.

Q: "
What is spiritual direction?"


A: Spiritual direction is a contemplative Christian practice that explores the contents of your heart with God. In sacred conversation, we chat about your joys, sorrows, hopes, fears, and deepest longings. Within your stories, we listen for the whispers of God; hints of how he might be directing your path. 


Spiritual direction is offered online via Zoom and sessions are usually once a month. All are welcome here no matter your season of faith or denomination.

"Who is spiritual direction for?"

A: Spiritual direction is for anyone. People from all walks of life and all levels of faith seek spiritual direction. Some of the directees I meet with are newly married, some are mothers, others are yoga teachers, missionaries, pastors, and spiritual directors, themselves. Anyone that would like to explore their heart with God can benefit from from having a spiritual director, but it can be most helpful during life's "wobbly" seasons.


Wobbly seasons are often initiated by a planned or unplanned life event. These events can cause one's identity, beliefs or purpose in life to shift. A few examples might be:

  • like many others, you're navigating life in a pandemic. 

  • you feel lost, stuck, or without purpose.

  • you feel disconnected from the church, God's word or it seems your prayers are hitting the ceiling.

  • you're navigating a medical diagnosis or the loss of a loved one.

  • you've recently moved, changed/lost your job, retired or are in sabbatical.

  • you have a business or a ministry and need fresh wisdom, vision or direction from God.

  • you've recently become a caregiver or parent.

Wobbly seasons often leave us feeling...wobbly. You might be feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially stuck and without clear direction.  Having a spiritual director to walk alongside you in this kind of season can bring a sense of comfort.

I offer spiritual direction to all who are interested, no matter their level of faith or denomination. Book your FREE Mini Session to get started.

Q: "
What does a session look like?"


A: At the beginning of session, I'll offer to pray and guide you through a contemplative prayer practice centered around scripture. This spiritual practice is simply offered as a way to settle into the space and inspire our time together. From there, we step into a sacred conversation; exploring the contents of your heart. Sessions are filled with wonder, hope, joy, sorrow, truth, prayer, and quiet listening as God guides your heart. 

Our sessions are a deeply personal, spiritual work and are kept private.

Q: "W
hat does a spiritual director DO?"


A: As a spiritual director, my role is to listen attentively as you share the sacred stories of your heart. Throughout the session, I may be led by God to ask thoughtful  questions, make observations, give encouragement, read a relevant piece of scripture, or offer time and space for you to pray.

Q: "
How is spiritual direction different from counseling?"


A: While therapy/counseling is focused on your past life and your mental health,  spiritual direction is focused on your present life and the presence of God within it. Spiritual direction falls under the umbrella of pastoral care as "spiritual formation."

Note: It is not the spiritual director's role to attempt to give advice, fix, teach, or judge any part of your life and is not meant to replace counseling or therapy. 

"What are some biblical examples of spiritual direction?"


A: There are many examples of spiritual direction occurring throughout the Bible. The first that comes to mind is Jesus himself. The purpose of Jesus' entire ministry was to direct others into an intimate relationship with God. His teaching style often included a great deal of listening and his responses were often in the form of a question or story that guided the seeker into deeper levels of thinking.

A second example of spiritual direction would be found in 1 Samuel 3, when the Lord speaks to Samuel. The main conversation in this story is between God and Samuel, but Samuel needed help to discern and recognize God's voice. Eli entered into the conversation only to direct Samuel toward God's voice so that the conversation between God and Samuel could continue.

A third example can be found in Acts 8:26-40 when Philip meets the Ethiopian on the road. The Ethiopian wants to read scripture, but cannot understand it. Philip helps the Ethiopian connect with scripture more deeply and this results in the Ethiopian's desire to be baptized. Soon after, Philip is taken elsewhere by the Spirit as it was not Philip's role to disciple the Ethiopian, but simply direct him toward God through scripture.

A final example of when spiritual direction could have been helpful can be found in the book of Job. As Job enters deeper and deeper into a wilderness season, three friends come to sit with him in his grief. One by one, the friends break the silence, but provide no encouragement or comfort or compassion. Nor are they interested in what Job has to say. All they have to offer is unsolicited advice and judgement. Job is left begging for someone to listen and to be his advocate. Jesus is our advocate, but we as believers are called to carry each other's burdens and encourage one another in our faith. (Galatians 6:2 and 1 Thessalonians 5:11)

"How do I prepare for my online session?"


A: There are only a few things you truly NEED for our sessions:

  • a free Zoom account

  • a device with a webcam and stable Wifi.

  • a quiet space where you can share your heart.

Other ways to hold space for yourself might be:

  • make a cup of tea/coffee as a grounding practice.

  • keep a journal (if that is a normal practice for you).

  • light a candle or incense to remind you that God is present.

"How do I begin? What if I have more questions?"


A: Friend, come say hello! I'd love to meet you and give you a peek into the practice of spiritual direction in a FREE Mini Session!

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