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The One Thing

What IS it?

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What'sThe One Thing?


Friend, what are you doing to nourish your body? Where do you put the contents of your heart? When do you look for and notice God in your day?

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Numa Yoga started out of a personal need for more self care and more quiet time with God. Once upon a time, I had a full time job, served my church on the weekends and cared for my family somewhere in between. This hectic schedule had me on a hamster wheel; doing it all for God, but not exactly with God. Eventually, my body forgot how to rest, my mind was filled with racing thoughts of anxiety and my spirit didn't have the space it needed to connect with God. I had lost sight of the one thing.

What's the one thing?

In David's prayer, God is the one thing. We were made to worship and have a relationship with God. When we put Him on the throne of our hearts, our body, soul and spirit are renewed. We feel seen. We feel known. We feel loved. 

Why does it matter?

Friend, it was never God's intention for us do life without him; only to check in when we need our parachutes to open. When we lose sight of the one thing, we lose sight of our purpose. We forget who God is and who we are in him. This can feel like restlessness in our bodies, anxiety and depression in our minds and a weighed down feeling in our spirits. Life no longer has purpose.

How can I seek the one thing?

Let's go to God not for quick fixes, but to get more God; to just be with him and know him. Let's look for God in our hopes and fears. Let's simplify the reasons why we're living down to our original purpose: we are here to worship.

Numa Yoga is named after the greek word pheuma which means Holy Spirit. Let this be a reminder that we don't have to do a lot or go far to find the one thing- God dwells within his people. We just need to pause and notice.

Read more about Numa Yoga's core values and what it means to seek the one thing with David-sized passion.


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