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Psalm 27

And the Heart of David

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About Psalm 27


Psalm 27:8 is a verse that often goes unnoticed. You won't find it featured in many places as an inspiring quotable, but if we pause we will see a story unfold. There's so much that happens in the space between these two sentences. To respond to such an invitation is a slow process that requires our truth, our surrender and our trust.

My heart has heard you say,

“Come and talk with Me.”

And my heart responds,

“Lord, I am coming.”

Psalm 27:8


Friend, in between these two sentences lies a journey. A quest into a deeper knowing of yourself and God. 


The psalmist David wrote these words in the wilderness. In a time when things weren’t going well for him- at all. Throughout the Psalms we experience David and all of his humanness as he moved from anger to love, fear to faith, sadness to joy. David was imperfect and so was his relationship with God.


Even still, David knew he was fully known and deeply loved by God in all circumstances. He also knew that God’s greatest desire was to be fully known and deeply loved by David. This kind of knowing doesn't just appear. It is carefully formed through relationship.


"My heart has heard you say..."


Friend, we can only hear things to a certain distance. This sentence places God within earshot of David; with him in the mess, calling out with an invitation. 


Even though David took someone else's wife and got her pregnant, killed off the husband and was at one point being hunted, God still extended an invite and not a casual one, either. He invited David’s heart- the most intimate part of David; where his innermost secrets and desires were kept. 


“I am in your midst. I haven’t left you. Come and talk with me. I know you and want to be known by you.” says the Lord in this verse. 


This is a profound, steadfast love that transcends our understanding, but is one worth seeking.

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Life's a journey. take rests.™