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A collection of journal prompts

and prayers.


Heart's Prayer

Hey Friend, I've created something special for you- a heart opening prayer. I started using this guided prayer in my own time with God about a year ago and I feel it on my heart to share it with you.


You might notice that this prayer has roots in the Prayer of Examen, the Lord's Prayer, and the Tabernacle. There are many ways to pray and for me, this is definitely one of them. You can say this prayer aloud or from your heart or through journaling.


This isn't a quick Monday morning prayer- this has more of a Friday savasana vibe. So, find a way to hold space for yourself- somewhere quiet- and settle in.  

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Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm 139: 23-24

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STEP 1. Honor

God is compassionate, gracious, patient, loving, and faithful. Notice which of these traits God has shown you this week. Choose one and let it be your inspiration for heart-felt praise and honor to God. 


STEP 2: Examine

Our hearts can become burdened. Invite the Holy Spirit to reflect on the week and search your heart for any extra weight. Notice what comes to the surface and respond in prayer. God may also be asking you to respond somewhere in your life, as well. Take note. 


STEP 3: Ask

What seems especially important or vivid when you reflect on the week? Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer about it. Allow the prayer to be spontaneous; emptying your heart. 


STEP 4: Receive

God provides and has already blessed you in many ways. Don’t let this week’s blessings breeze by, unnoticed. Take a moment to receive them into your heart. Set your gaze on any joys and delights. Remember gifts and provisions- both big and small. Thank God for any answered prayers. 


STEP 5: Trust

We often try to do life on our own strength, forgetting the God-factor. Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight an area of your week that God is asking you to trust him in. Can you find it in your heart to let go and say “Your will be done?”


STEP 6: Stillness

If there is anything left unsaid on your heart, bring it to the Lord and then sit in stillness for as long as you like; allowing space for the Lord to respond. Remember, God responds to us in many ways and in his own timing. 


When you’re ready, close the prayer time in Jesus’ name. 




I hope you enjoyed this guided prayer. I would love to connect with you on instagram- how did this prayer time feel for you? Did the Holy Spirit highlight anything that surprised you?

Holding space,


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