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F+ree Y+og+a

H+ell++o, friend++!


In this FREE 40 minute, all-level yin class, we'll be contemplating on Psalm 84:11 with the desire to rest in the warm presence of God. This practice is slow, gentle, and has a restorative flavor.

if you'd like to use the accompanying playlist, consider opening this page on a 2nd device so that you can control the volume. 


I hope this moving prayer guides you into a conversation with God and gives you glimpses of healing, truth & clarity. If you enjoy it, you're invited to come say hello! I'd love to meet you and give you a peek into the practice of spiritual direction.


Holding space,


Founder of Numa Yoga (soon to be "The Atrium")

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What P+eople S+ay+

*Names changed for privacy.


It was just what I needed! I appreciated the yoga, breath work & community discussion of spirituality that was inclusive of the many ways we experience God.


Kate's sessions are truly what I need every time. She gets me talking and feeling from my soul in a way that brings me peace.


This was such a lovely experience! She sent a lovely care package that made me feel so special and well thought of.

L+et's+ b++ook your F+R++EE M+ini Session!

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