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Dwell, Gaze, Seek

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Hello Friend,

A heart on fire for God is part of living a Christian life. Our spiritual well-being depends on a relationship with God. It is our purpose. We are here to worship; created for God's glory. HE is the one thing.

Wild animals will say ‘Thank you!’

—the coyotes and the buzzards—

Because I provided water in the desert,

rivers through the sun-baked earth,

Drinking water for the people I chose,

the people I made especially for myself,

a people custom-made to praise me.

Isaiah 43:20-21

When we are focused on the one thing, our bodies souls and spirits can truly rest. Numa Yoga pursues God in 3 ways: dwell, gaze, seek. 

Camping in Mountains


"...that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life..."

To dwell in God's house is to set up camp in his presence. We live in a hurried culture that's already worried about tomorrow. We rush through life our own way; totally tuned out and end up feeling abandoned and peace-less.  

Numa Yogis desire to dwell with God. We seek out times of stillness and listening on our mats so that we can stay present in God's presence.


" gaze on the beauty of the Lord..."

To gaze upon God's beauty is to worship him. Sometimes we are distracted by things like money, time, and worries. They can all end up on the throne of our hearts, taking our gaze off of God and we end up feeling hope-less and unsatisfied.


Numa Yogis desire to gaze upon God's beauty. We worship him in virtual yoga classes. In spiritual direction, we gaze upon the Holy Spirit in our ordinary lives.

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Writing by the Water


"...and to seek him in his temple..."

To seek God is to know who he is and who you are in him. When we cancel our coffee dates with God, our hearts become skewed with beliefs that we are unwelcome, unforgiven, unworthy, unloved, unheard, unseen, and unknown. 


Numa Yogis desire God's wisdom. We seek out his voice by studying his Word and through prayer journaling.




It is my prayer for you that as we seek the one thing together, the Holy Spirit will come alongside and spark a fire in your heart to know God like never before. I pray that you will be filled to the brim with the love of Christ; living as a new creation and as a reflection of God, our creator.

Holding space,

Kate Lee

Founder of Numa Yoga

Certified Christian Yoga Teacher

Spiritual Director (in training)