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Is life feeling wobbly? Are you questioning your beliefs? Have you lost sight of God, his plan or purpose for you? 

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Numa Yoga & Spiritual Direction (soon to be "The Atrium") sits as a sanctuary for the heart in the wobbly seasons of life. This is a place to catch your breath, steady your balance, and find your way. It's a space where together, we'll practice contemplative prayer, explore the contents of your heart and listen for whispers of God and the ways he might be directing your path.

Friend, your heart is safe here and your story is sacred. It doesn't matter where you are on your journey or which way you've been traveling. All are welcome here.

Holding space, 

Kate Lee

Founder of Numa Yoga

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Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction in it's simplest definition is an inward journey toward God. During a session, we'll practice contemplative prayer and explore the contents of your heart. From within your stories, we'll listen for whispers of God and the ways he might be directing your path.

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Spiritual direction is offered online. In this practice, we'll welcome a wide range of thoughts & emotions as the heart begins to open. Sessions also include moments of peaceful stillness as we listen for the whispers of God. All are welcome here.

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Yoga Sessions


Yoga is simply another way for the heart to pray. This practice offers space to catch your breath, steady your balance and perhaps, sit in the tension. It's an opportunity to journey deeper  into areas of the heart where maybe words fall short. 


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Yoga is offered online. During a session, you'll be invited into restful yoga practice through a contemplative Christian lens. Space will be held for movement and stillness as well as quiet reflection and prayer. We'll end the session in sacred conversation.  All are welcome here.

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The++ A+trium++™


The Atrium™ is a membership community that gathers around sacred rhythms of contemplative prayer. Here you'll find ways to  explore your heart with God at home. More details coming soon.

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The Atrium™ has not yet started! Sign up for Numa Yoga's monthly newsletter to receive updates as well as other whispers of love in your inbox.

In the meantime, explore Numa's other services. Click here.

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Our Intention

"My heart has heard you say 'Come and talk with Me.'

And my heart responds, 'Lord, I am coming." Psalm 27:8

In yoga, the heart is described as "the door to our inner temple" and in scripture, God invites us to meet him in this secret place.

Numa Yoga & Spiritual Direction's intention is to simply be a hidden sanctuary; a place to journey inward and meet with God. There are no worldly expectations here, friend. You won't be told to feel or believe or move a certain way. What waits for you here is space to find your own path and a companion for your journey.

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